​If you are looking to order a sword, then the process is pretty simple. Firstly, let me know which blade you would like. Blades from left to right are as follows: Straight - parallel, straight - tapered, flamberge - short wave, flamberge - long wave, kris, curved - 45 degree, and curved - 90 degree. A long wave kris blade may become available depending on the feedback from the kris blade shown below. All standard blades meet the minimum blade widths and lengths set out by the Sword Swallowers Association International, so will be fine should you wish to use them to register with the SSAI.
S​econdly, let me know what handle design you would like to go for, a scaled handle or a turned handle. The two on the left are the standard designs for scaled handles, the two on the right are the standard turned handles. The kris blades will initially be available with either carved handles, or turned handles. At a later date the kris blades will have a third handle option, which will be handles made from antler, horn etc.
sword1 - Copy.png
sword2 - Copy.png
Finally, let me know what colour you would like the handle, I'll get back to you with colour options and a price. As a guide, scaled handle swords, along with the carved handle kris, run at 150 GBP plus shipping, whereas swords with turned handles usually start at 200 GBP plus shipping.  High end handle materials are available, at extra cost depending on the material, as the cost of some high end materials could buy you another sword, seriously. The turned handles can also be made from stacks of various materials, allowing for a truly unique handle, however there will be an extra cost for this due to the amount of additional time and materials that will be required. The yet to arrive third handle option for the kris blades is yet to be priced up, but will be added once a price is available.
The blades are typically 17 inches long, if you want the blades to be longer than that, then this will increase the dimension of the parcel, and with it, the shipping fee. 
Stacks will either be made with scaled handles, as per the orange handled sword above or without scales, this is in order to allow each sword in the stack to sit flat against the next. The price of the stack would depend on the number of swords, if they were having scales, thickness of the swords. For stacks that aren't comprised of swords like the orange handled sword above, give me all the information you can on your desired design, and once you're happy with the design I have drawn up, I'll get back to you with a price.
If you want a sword swallowing prop that is more unique than the standard options above, then let me know everything you can about what you want in your sword swallowing prop. This would start at 200 GBP plus shipping. This will require more design work, potentially different materials for the handle, so would cost more than a standard sword.
If you want something like a blockhead blockhead icepick, let me know which it is you are looking to order, the required dimensions for the spike of the ice pick, and preferred colours for the handle, and I'll get back to you with colours . Icepicks are running at 65 GBP plus shipping.
​So, like what you've seen, decided that you want a sword swallowing prop, that you want something a bit different for an event, or you wish to contact me for something else? You can contact me at: el-lurchio@outlook.com